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We walk alongside you to bring your Organization and People strategy to life.

Knowledge & Experience

Extensive expertise gathered over many projects and sectors.

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Global Capability/Local Execution

The right resources in the right place for you.

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Creative and Innovative Design

Customized and best-in-class solutions for your business.

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Risk/Reward Approach

Our investment in you - strategic and operational advice at no cost.

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Co-created Partnership Outcomes

No pre-determined outcomes, solutions not problem re-definition.

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Monitor and Evaluate Success

AGD - Ensuring on track delivery and on target outcomes.

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Track Record of Results

The results speak for themselves: client testimony to our success.

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Organizational Health Check

We establish the right place to start and the right journey to make.

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Fit for Purpose Solutions

What we do and what we can deliver to you.

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What does this mean for our clients?

At AGD we understand that Organizational (OE) and People (PE) Effectiveness involves us as a business partner taking a fully integrated approach. We effectively connect each organization’s range of processes, systems and people enabling the whole business to work together with us to coherently implement both the strategy and the operational delivery plans. 

This ‘hand-in-hand’ approach works to define, position and drive development by effectively addressing the right questions in the right organizational context.

AGD works in close partnership with clients to support them in:

  • Creating a culture that drives business growth. By undertaking a current review of each organization from a structural, capability and cultural standpoint, we help our clients to define their leadership vision and values and to gain a real in-depth understanding of their culture. This ensures that the work we do together will always underpin their business and people objectives.
  • Designing and delivering strategic and operational projects. We work with our clients to track what works and what needs to change at an individual, team and organizational level. These insights equip them with the tools and techniques to understand, buy-in to, role model and to lead in the most effective ways.
  • Maximising the impact of a tailored strategy. The AGD approach is specifically tailored for our clients. In bringing strategy to action, we assist our clients in managing projects in the most effective way by utilizing our expertise gained from working globally with senior leaders.

The AGD position is clear. We believe in supporting in partnership with our clients, the delivery of interventions that focus on organizational and people development and that enable short, medium and long term business growth.

106 Organizational Effectiveness programs

343 Personal Effectiveness programs

1500 1:1 coaching assignments

in 55 countries for over 50 clients

a global resource pool of over 2000 coaches, facilitators, consultants and strategic advisors

delivering to 432 of the Fortune 500

AGD Strategic Advisor

Case studies - examples of how Acuity Global Development can work with you

Change Management

Managing Change at Individual, Team and Organizational Level

Executive Coaching

Mindset Change to Existing Ways of Working

Strategic Advisor

An individual’s challenge in understanding and embracing change

Talent Management

Talent Identification, Development & Progression

Team Coaching

Improving Relationships and Work Processes

Executive Assessment

Use of Psychometrics in Executive Development Programs & Coaching


Masterclass and Coaching Program

Organizational Change

The rationale for a new organization design


Contact: Simon Coops

Telephone: +44-(0)207-1000-121



Contact: Simon Coops

Telephone: +44-(0)207-1000-121



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Telephone: +852-8121-4224