Acuity Global Development - 1 - Change Management

Change Management

Managing Change at Individual, Team and Organizational Level

Client: Media and Print


In existence for 400 years, the Company’s role is to deliver a range of internationally renowned publications to specialist audiences and customers across 48 countries. The Company, which has a strategy to drive lasting change across all divisions and geographies, identified the pressing need to look at moving the way the organization produces and delivers its publications to market to preserve its future and ward off potential suitors with a view to acquisition.  

The Requirement:

The Company’s Change Management Strategy is aimed at developing the individuals, teams and the organization as a whole to achieve both an acceptance and understanding of change and how to embrace and positively promote change within their immediate areas of accountability and to contribute to the whole organizational change agenda.

The Company aims to deliver this change in strategy and implementation over a 3-5 year period, which began at the top of the organization in 2012 and continues to date. The organization by design was change averse, however the extensive process of change requires significant buy-in and education at the top of the organization and where necessary a greater degree of flexibility in approach and the promotion of a more inclusive yet decisive leadership style. 


  • AGD developed a tailored program and coaching based solution.
  • Senior management workshops were rolled out, which began in the US and Canada in 2012 and then rapidly developed into delivery across Europe and the UK.
  • Leaders from the organization attended the workshops in ‘in tact’ teams and worked through real life Cases for Change.
  • These cases were then further worked through after the workshops and the leaders were supported with ad hoc coaching support to ensure they remained ‘on-track’
  • Assessments at 3 and 6 month checkpoints determined if adjustments were needed in the approach to deliver change. These were made and further support was given to ensure a high probability of successful implementation of the change at individual, team and organizational level.

Benefits achieved:

  • The Client’s change program titled ‘P to E’ (Print to E-Solutions) continues to successfully evolve. 
  • 360 feedback reports on a range of senior leaders across a number of key disciplines and geographies indicate that there has been a clear shift in embracing behavioral change. There is clear evidence at all levels that leaders have begun to explore what motivates their behavior when faced with significant change.
  • As the process moves through the organization it is clear that there is evidence of a cultural shift in the way that the organization seeks to welcome change in a positive and meaningful way.  There are of course, ‘pockets of resistance’ and there have been those who have left the organization when realization dawned that the change was, for them, too significant.
  • The critical outcomes are those business related objectives to see a willingness and a capability to be able to deliver the shift in approach and embrace the E-based delivery channels crucial to the sustained progression of the company.  
  • An understanding that ‘churn’ of people is usual in these change programs and should be accepted as part of the evolution in an organizations’ life-cycle.