Acuity Global Development - 5 - Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Improving Relationships and Work Processes

Client: Financial Services


One of the leading providers of Financial Services wanted to improve relationships between their internal departments and external business to business relationships.  The Team Coaching Objective was to agree and implement the “Professional Image to Customers” program.

How the Team Coaching was agreed:

An internal focus group was set up by this awarding winning company to identify and establish benchmarks needed to comply with industry requirements. Following in depth discussions with AGD, the organizational objective of “Professional Image to Customers” was agreed. The Coaching format was a two day team program for each level within each department. It focused on aligning individual, departmental and organizational needs to determine and agree an attainable set of company standards for management of internal and external relationships. 

The program included group Coaching assignments where individuals were encouraged to develop, design and implement best practice.

Team Coaching Approach/Techniques used:

At the start of the first day the Organizational objective was presented to the team. This was followed by facilitated group discussions around the benefits of achieving this objective focusing on three distinct levels: from an Organizational, Departmental and Individual (personal and professional) perspective. These were a key part in gaining buy-in from the whole team to achieve the objective.

A series of facilitated exercises were carried out to identify:

  • Limiting factors (outside of the team’s control) – these were fed back to Senior Management as part of the program.
  • Limiting factors (within the team’s control).
  • Key actions needed to address the limiting factors.
  • Best practice for interdepartmental communications and interactions.
  • A comprehensive team and individual action plan with agreed timelines.

Throughout the program evidence was gathered to reflect new processes and procedures, new ways of working with each other and new behavioral traits. Managers were actively encouraged to participate in the Coaching process and relevant support materials were provided.

One to one Coaching sessions were carried out at regular intervals to assess and record each individual’s progress against their plan and develop strategies to overcome their specific challenges in meeting the objective. The program included regular feedback meetings with the sponsor to update them on the specific measurable identified outcomes.


As a result the team was able to:

  • Gain buy-in from all the participants on the program to achieve Relational Excellence.
  • Develop and implement a Strategy and Operating Plan to achieve the objective.
  • Define Best Practice for Team Behaviors.
  • New business practices were embedded.
  • Positive feedback was received from all participants about the impact of the program on themselves and the business.

Benefits achieved:

  • New and enhanced processes were developed to overcome the relevant challenges and constraints.
  • Senior Management took positive steps to be involved in and to support and champion the program.
  • Personal, professional, departmental and organizational identified benefits were achieved.
  • A continuous improvement strategy was identified, agreed and implemented to ensure that the focus on the newly implemented working practices was maintained.