Acuity Global Development - 6 - Executive Assessment

Executive Assessment

Use of Psychometrics in Executive Development Programs & Coaching

Client: Financial Services


Working with the Operations Director of a Financial Services Provider who recognized that the customer service department was not delivering the desired outcomes.  The Program Objective was to implement measures to ensure that the organization delivered on its pledge that the ‘Customer Service Experience is the best that we can give.’ 

How the Coaching was agreed:

Following a review process which took into account and understood the corporate and individual needs of the organization, a customised executive development program was devised to meet their specific key objective of “The Customer Service Experience is the best that we can give”.

The course format was a two day program for each participant. It focused on the current and future customer service experience, identified common factors in customer service standards, and the benefits to the organization, teams and individuals in achieving the overall objective. From this, a trackable implementable action plan was developed. The program included regular feedback meetings with the sponsor to update them on the specific measurable identified outcomes.

Approach/ Techniques used:

  • A 360 feedback questionnaire was issued to key stakeholders for completion – this information was collated and gave key information about the areas of strength and the areas for development across the team.
  • Each member of the team completed an 'Interpersonal Influencing Inventory' to gain understanding and insights into their individual preferred influencing style.
  • In addition, each member of the team completed an 'Interpersonal Communication Skills Inventory' to gain insights and understanding of their preferred communication style.


As a result the team were able to:

  • Gain buy in from all the participants on the program to achieve Customer Service Excellence.
  • Develop and implement an agreed action plan to achieve the objective.
  • Define and implement best practice for Individual Communication strategies impacting positively on overall team behaviors.
  • Positive feedback was received from all participants about the impact of the program on themselves and the business.

Benefits achieved:

  • All identified actions were completed within the agreed timescale.
  • Improved communications between internal team members and with external stakeholders.
  • New and enhanced processes were developed, implemented and monitored to overcome the relevant challenges and constraints.
  • All members of the team and Senior Management took positive steps to be involved in and to support and champion the program.
  • More meaningful internal and external relationships were developed, improved and maintained.