Acuity Global Development - Leadership


Masterclass and Coaching Program

Client: Global Defense Industry


To accommodate scenarios where 1:1 coaching or traditional leadership program approaches are not appropriate as a ‘stand alone’ development activity, AGD developed an alternative blended solution to Leadership Programs combining Masterclass workshop interventions with a series of follow-up coaching sessions to support individuals in best applying their learning in real situations.

The delegates were at a very senior level and had long term experience in the organization. The term ‘masterclass’ was utilized to encourage attendance, with the rationale being that the leader and facilitator running the workshop was an acknowledged expert in their field.  This approach gave already experienced delegates the opportunity to develop to the next and highest level of capability in the subjects covered.

Masterclass and Coaching Approach:

  • To ensure that those nominated felt positive about the Program and motivated to attend, AGD worked with the client to ensure that the program was positioned and communicated carefully to ensure the right balance was achieved in terms of managing both the business and individuals’ expectations. 
  • A front end diagnostic process gave the group a start point for discussions and objective setting ahead of attendance at the workshop ‘master classes’. This pre-work was beneficial to the process and was further supported by attendees of the program completing personality questionnaires and cognitive assessment tests.
  • Feedback from psychometric instruments and performance reviews, alongside 360 data obtained for all the delegates, was provided ahead of the program attendance and was used to frame the objectives for the individuals in order to maximize the effectiveness and impact of the workshop masterclass learning.
  • The sessions explored a range of topics which reflected the latest and best practice in management and leadership skills.
  •  ‘Real play’ situations were designed and delivered to ensure alignment with the reality of leading in the business. 
  • Attendees gave feedback to each other on their personal leadership style.
  • Objectives were set to carry forward development actions after the first masterclass, which were further supported by a nominated coach or Strategic Advisor.
  • This process was repeated after each workshop masterclass.


  • This blended program of Management and Leadership Masterclass sessions was delivered as four one day events over a nine month period.
  • The need for follow-on coaching and business mentoring support between the events and beyond was reviewed and assessed continually.  
  • An acknowledged industry expert delivered a keynote address on the first program which gave extra impact to the concept and raised the profile of the events.


  • Delegates felt that the program was specifically tailored to both the business and their needs. Dealing with real scenarios and problems and providing the opportunity to work as a group on the program to support each other in finding the best solution for the business.
  • Each delegate took up the option of follow-on 1:1 coaching or Strategic Advisor support. Many of these relationships remain in place and continue on a regular or ad hoc basis.
  • Greater engagement and ownership by the Client for long-term development.
  • Identified the need to adopt different working practices with different stakeholders.
  • Greater alignment in their work to the strategic goals of the business.