Acuity Global Development - Co-created partnership outcomes

Co-created Partnership Outcomes

No pre-determined outcomes, solutions not problem re-definition.

The AGD ethos is one of partnership. Our approach and the methodologies we recommend are born out of a total commitment to ensure the ‘best fit’ for specific client needs.  We invest from the outset in the client relationship and want our clients to be confident that we understand their business, the challenges, culture and requirements for Organizational and People effectiveness. 

Part of this process is to make time and resource available to establish the correct start point for all projects. We achieve this through organizational and people level diagnosis and the AGD Organizational Health Check.

Our evaluation and recommendations of the way forward are then presented to and fully discussed with our clients to ensure as we move ahead, we do so with a high level of confidence that the need identified is the right one and the way to address that need has a high probability of success.

Only then do we seek to contract with our clients. 

AGD’s initial investment in engagement and diagnosis is, in our view, crucial to providing the best outcomes. Consultancy should not be done to our clients it should always be done with our clients.

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