Acuity Global Development - Organizational Health Check

Organizational Health Check

We establish the right place to start and the right journey to make.

AGD has total commitment to working closely with our clients to ensure that we understand the organizational strategy and structure, operational and people plans and the culture of the organization.

Only then can we be sure we have established for us a clear understanding of your business and for you the confidence that the start point we arrive at is the right place to start.

The AGD Organizational Health Check is designed to do this. It carries no cost, only an investment in your time to work with us to make sure that understanding and appreciation is arrived at.

The process is designed with the client and can vary from a range of questionnaires fully tested in a range of our client businesses, to a series of 1:1 or small focus group discussions and will always conclude with an appraisal and current state analysis of your business and where the critical investments need to be made in order to deliver both OE and PE.

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