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Risk/Reward Approach

Our investment in you - strategic and operational advice at no cost.

Complimentary Strategic Advisor Capability

Senior Leaders – whether they are running the business or advising on people issues in HR, they have a goal to turn their strategy into Organizational/People Effectiveness actions that provide the changes required to deliver growth.

The decisions taken in this area are critical to future success and most Leaders would appreciate some support to ensure that they are getting these right.

They also need assistance to be sure how to execute consistently and effectively on a global basis.

AGD's Strategic Advisor capability provides a free sounding board for Senior Leaders from HR or the business to:

  • Accelerate the process of delivering business strategy through people strategy
  • Explore the OE and PE issues they face and consider options that will deliver the results
  • Check that their planned interventions will support their business strategy effectively
  • Design specific interventions to deliver results

AGD's Strategic Advisors have impressive backgrounds in HR and HR Services at Partner levels in HR Consulting and/or HR Director level in large corporations. They are dovetailed into our design and execution infrastructure so they can mobilise the resources to deliver solutions globally as required.

Strategic Advisors are available globally in North America, Europe and Asia.

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