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How does AGD select its people?

Our approach to selection is based on several key principles:

  • Our Consultants are selected to achieve desired outcomes rather than just meet specific task requirements. We do not think that all consultants are appropriate for all clients.
  • We develop consultancy specifications and selection processes based on the 3 C's:
    • Credibility – we need to make sure we will be highly credible with a specific client. This is sometimes influenced by their backgrounds and experience.
    • Capability – we need to ensure that our consultants have the skills and techniques to deliver the outcomes and are supported in this to maintain performance and further develop their skills.
    • Chemistry – we need to make sure that the consultants we provide will fit with the type of clients we work with.

Selection Processes

All our clients have different needs and preferences and views on their level of involvement in consultant matching and selection processes, which we accommodate on a case by case basis.

Often clients wish to participate in the selection process – this is welcome as it gives greater validity to the consultancy team and provides the opportunity for the business to participate in the process.

In addition to assuring greater credibility and confidence, client involvement ensures that true cultural and business alignment exists within the individual or consultancy team we provide.

Assessment Of Our People

This stage gathers information on the coaches' background, developing an understanding of them as people and probing them on their consultancy experience.  Interviews take place Face-Face, via video conference or telephone, dependent on location. The assessment process involves two meetings with Acuity Senior Partners where we use criteria based interviewing techniques to gather evidence of an individual's capability by examining actual consultancy assignments, looking specifically at:

  • The person and their values
    • Ethics
    • Assignment Management
    • Contracting
    • Review Processes
  • Tools and Techniques
    • Models and processes
    • Psychometrics and 360 tools
  • Consultancy  Mindset
    • Core beliefs and attitudes
    • Passion for developing people
    • Self belief in operating at the most senior levels
  • Personal Attributes
    • Gravitas and credibility
    • Ability to flex style to suit requirements
  • Relationship Building
    • Building rapport 
    • Adaptability
    • Sensitivity

Where necessary we will ask them to present and discuss for 30 minutes with us to check their strengths in the areas of:

  • Relationship building
  • Confidentiality
  • Expertise
  • Communication style

Client Assessment - Optional

We encourage clients to get involved in the selection process themselves.  Many of our clients prefer that we validate the consultancy team we are recommending with them, in which case we complete these stages internally in partnership.

Formal Interview

Members of the consultancy team are interviewed by HR and Line managers interviewing against the agreed specification. We design an interview to fit the needs of the client's selection process.

Observed  Sessions

If clients wish to see our team in action, observed presentations or group sessions can be included in the selection process.

Our approach offers much to enable our clients to have a high level of confidence in the team and individuals we put forward. All those who work with us at AGD are highly capable and experienced consultants, facilitators, coaches and deliverers. This comprehensive process ensures that we provide people who are the right and best fit for the client and the projects to be worked on.


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