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Monitor and Evaluate Success

AGD - Ensuring on track delivery and on target outcomes.

At the end of the assignment, a project review is undertaken with the external AGD team and the Internal Client Team. If further AGD involvement is deemed necessary, then further engagement can be agreed.

If we firstly focus on the coaching aspect of the business, then the following occurs:

  • A feedback form will be issued at the end of the Coaching Program to be completed by the Client.
  • AGD will collate the feedback and provide a summary for the Client.
  • AGD use comments from feedback forms for the purpose of marketing their products and services. The Coachee is required to provide permission for such use and the option exists to withhold their name.
  • A QA call will be provided 3-6 months after a coaching engagement as a follow up QA call. The qualitative data from this call will be collated and sent to the Client.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Executive Coaches and Strategic Advisors

  • Monitoring of performance at shortlist and chemistry stages
    • We check with coachees why they choose some coaches and not others at shortlist/chemistry – this can help ensure that we change the way coaches are presented or rotate them out of the panel if they do not meet coachees' expectations.
  • On-going supervision of coaches by Accredited Supervisor
    • At least once during an assignment coaches will have a supervision call with a program supervisor to check that best practice is being adhered to with our assignments.
    • This also presents an opportunity to extract thematic data from the panel.
  • Capturing of objectives and review sessions
    • We capture the organizational objectives at the beginning of the assignment with the input of the coachees' boss.
    • At the end of the assignment the coachees' boss joins to review results – which are captured on a form for inclusion in the MI.
  • Coaching Evaluation Form
    • At the end of the assignment the coachee is sent a form to give feedback on the coach, asking questions agreed with the client.

On top of this we also keep track of coaches' on-going development through our coach update form to maintain visibility of CPD, new skills and preferences.

All the information gathered during the performance management process is made available to clients through the Strategic Advisor and Coaching Portal and regular MI reports. 

The Monitoring And Evaluation Of Our Consultancy Provision

In addition to monitoring and evaluation of the coaching programs we run, the large scale consultancy projects also need an adaptable process that works most effectively within the parameters of the project identified and agree in partnership with our clients. It generally will include these elements:

  • We will agree at the outset the structure and process of the project.
  • The objectives and timescale for completion.
  • ‘What will success look like?’ How can we measure that success and at what stage?
  • Who is included in the internal (client team) and the external (Acuity GD Team) and how they will operate together.
  • Identify a Project Director from Acuity GD who will have overall accountability for the Client relationship and the project as a whole.
  • Co-ordinate with the key client contacts and agree the monitor, review and evaluation processes.
  • Assign Acuity GD project management resources to ensure smooth running and scheduling of meetings, programs, facilitation and coaching sessions.
  • Agree how this project management can work best with the internal client project resources.
  • Schedule regular reviews to ensure alignment and that the project is keeping on track. Adjust as necessary timescales and or modify objectives.
  • Promote from the outset a culture of partnership and ‘one team’ with a shared accountability to ensure the success of the project.
  • Acuity GD commitment to be present whenever required!

Evaluation and Thematic Data collection Options


We are able to tailor the way we evaluate and measure coaching assignments to your needs and preferences. This document is intended to highlight some of the processes we have used with other clients.

Evaluation stages, timescales and outputs

Data is collected at several stages, these are suggestions but we base our actual process on your needs and preferences:

The reports produced are also dependent on your needs – typically clients receive:

  • MI report /Client Portal– tracking of assignment.
  • Evaluation of coaching experience.
  • Participant's progress against objectives and % achievements.
  • QA Feedback on the participant's coaching experience.
  • Thematic data of development needs, challenges and any other emerging themes.

We are careful to present information clearly and concisely dependent on needs. An example of one of these reports can be found below:

Coaching and Strategic Advisor Review

The report will provide a programmatic view of the participant's experience and a view by coach to ensure quality of program as well as coach.

The report comprises of the following views:

  • Progress against objectives overview.
  • Participant progress view following PDP progress implementation review call.
  • Participant progress view following Quality Assurance follow-up call.

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